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I really like this community because here I can find alumnus as well as people whom I could learn from and share knowledge and experience with. Although the current community is mainly for digital media guys, the dream behind is bigger. I'd like to see what it will be in the future.

Dylan Yao

Interactive Design

I'm really glad to have the opportunity to join this amazing program. I was very fortunate to have the DGM Community by my side and given me all the help it could. The DGM Community was formed by some of the loveliest people in the field and I am very proud to become one of them. I tired to pay back what I benefited from the community by contributing to new students. I believe that the creed of our community is to pass down the help we were granted.

Jia Chen

Interactive Design

DGM Community provides many digital media learning resources for me and I learned many UX and UI design experiences here. During the time in this program, I found what I really love and what I really want to do here. Now, I am trying my best to do it as good as possible.

Nianwen Bai

Digital Video